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How Money Is Used

NIL Information

How do I edit my recurring donations?

You can edit your recurring donations information by logging into your Give Butter account that you created when you first donated. From there you can edit your donation amount, as well as edit your contact and billing information. Follow this link for a step by step process.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes! Matador Club is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as an organization exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended.

Is your donations platform secure?

Givebutter utilizes the world’s very best payment encryption technology and security and regularly reviews all campaigns.

What platform do you use to process donations?

We use Givebutter, a well-known donations platform. Read more here.

Where can I access receipts for my donations?

After each donation, whether that be a one-time donation or recurring donation, you will receive an emailed receipt from Givebutter. Keep these receipts for your records. You can also log into your Givebutter account and find all receipts there. Matador Club does not provide year-end giving receipts.

Where does my money go?

The short answer is to athletes. 100% of our operating expenses are covered by our founding donors so that 100% of your donations can go to the student-athletes. Check out our longer section on How Your Money is Used for more information.


Where does my donation go?

Directly to the student-athletes. 100% of our operating expenses are covered by our founding donors to assure that every dollar donated to The Matador Club goes to students.

How does the Matador Club manage student-athlete/organization relationships?

The Matador Club enters into a NIL contract with the student-athletes. Athletes are paid from the fund collected from donors. In exchange for the payments, the Matador Club connects athletes with vetted community organizations where the student-athletes perform community service. 

Why community organizations instead of apparel and other brands?

Nonprofits and community organizations operate on lean budgets. And while appearances or sponsorship of a popular collegiate athlete could be a game-changer for them, it's rarely an option. The Matador Club is bridging the gap with your donations.

We also believe that working with nonprofits and community organizations will help student-athletes self-reflect, build values-based personal brands, and care for our local community!

What Does NIL stand for?

Name, Image, and Likeness

Why is NIL important?

Prior to the recent court rulings and modifications of state law, college athletes were considered amateurs and were not allowed to accept endorsements or deals linked to their athletic status.

Recent studies have shown up to 85% of college athletes live below the poverty level. So the big question - with time commitments to academics and their team, when are they supposed to find time to work?

What is Alston v. NCAA?

This 2020 ruling allows athletes to partner with businesses and organizations to make money from their NIL.

How does the NCAA interpret this ruling?

The NCAA has kept the rules vague: It has released guidelines stating only that schools cannot facilitate NIL ventures for athletes and that athletes cannot strike deals that are built around pay-for-play. This means athletes will have to do something in exchange for monetary compensation—this is not a handout. Aside from that, everything else is up to interpretation.

Can colleges or universities pay players to play?

No. Pay to play is still not legal. Players may partner with businesses and organizations. So, NIL collectives can not be directly affiliated with a school. 



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Matador Club is an NIL collective that directly impacts student quality of life, local businesses, nonprofits, and Texas Tech.

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